by Maddy Zollo-Rusbosin | June 25, 2018

Made in FLA: Cocktail Creamery

Makers Aubi and Ramsa give new meaning to the phrase “ice-cream bar” with their spirit-infused scoops


A pint of Highland Truffle ice cream packs a punch with 12-year-old Macallan Scotch whisky folded in. Photography by Aubi & Ramsa

Behind the sleek countertops at Aubi & Ramsa, there’s not a jar of maraschino cherries or rainbow sprinkles in sight. Instead, bottles of alcohol line the white walls, displayed next to round pints in chic packaging. This Miami Design District hot spot is already a tremendous success thanks to its innovative, boozy flavors.

Founders Matias Aubi and Rafa Ramsa met while both were living and working in Los Angeles. Ramsa and his wife had worked in the ice cream industry for years, and they were always fascinated by the idea of merging the frozen treat with alcohol. After Ramsa shared this vision with Aubi, they put their creative minds together to develop the brand and open up its flagship location in Miami.

Each of their 20 flavors combines all-natural ingredients with top-shelf liquor and wine, boasting 4.9 percent alcohol by volume. Customer favorites include The Highland Truffle, infused with Macallan 12; Kentucky Creme Brulee, with Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon; and Strawberries & Rosé, with Moet & Chandon Rosé Imperial. The even sweeter part: Aubi & Ramsa also offer pints to go or delivery in Miami.