by Emilee Perdue | November 8, 2022

Ready For Takeoff? Here’s Who Can Launch You to Outer Space.

From a gentle balloon ride to an airplane that surpasses the speed of sound, there are out-of-this-world options for everybody.

Blue Origin’s first crewed flight. From left: Oliver Daemen, Wally Funk, Jeff Bezos and Mark Bezos. Photography courtesy of Blue Origin.

Blue Origin

Flight Experience: New Shepard

Named after legendary astronaut Alan Shepard, this reusable rocket transports six passengers just past the Kármán line. The pressurized crew capsule, located at the top of the vessel, allows for majestic views and several minutes of weightlessness during the 11-minute journey. 

How high you fly: 62 miles

How much you pay: $200,000–$300,000 (Price varies) 

The Virgin Galactic Unity 22 crew. From left: Colin Bennett, Beth Moses, Sirisha Bandla and Richard Branson. Photography courtesy of Virgin Galactic.

Virgin Galactic

Flight Experience: Virgin Galactic Spaceflight

Though it may look like your average airplane, this spacecraft knows no bounds. Four passengers at a time can experience micro-gravity, speeds up to three-and-a-half times the speed of sound and sweeping views of Earth on this 90-minute flight

How high you fly: 53.5 miles

How much you pay: $450,000

The Falcon Heavy Demo mission before launch. Photography courtesy of SpaceX.


Flight Experience: Dragon

As the first spacecraft to take civilians to the International Space Station, this seven-passenger capsule is spearheading commercial spaceflight. Astronauts can choose a customized orbit around the entire Earth, completed in 90 minutes, or fly to the ISS for a longer trip.

How high you fly: 248 miles

How much you pay: $55 million (Price varies)

A rendering of Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune capsule. Photography courtesy of Space Perspectives.

Space Perspective

Flight Experience: Spaceship Neptune

Embark on an eco-friendly voyage in this hydrogen-powered SpaceBalloon. A cross between a spaceship and a blimp, this vessel holds eight passengers and ascends above 99 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere in a journey lasting about six hours. 

How high you fly: 18 miles

How much you pay: $125,000

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